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Fitness Resistance Bands 8 Word Tension Back Stretch Belt

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Rally is a kind of equipment suitable for public fitness exercise. The advantage of using a tensioner is that the biceps is a muscle with two heads, and its main function is to flex the arm. When bending the arm, another muscle is also used-the triceps. And only when doing some forearm raising exercises, such as high tension device curls or reverse high tension device toys, can the brachialis muscles be fully exercised. In addition, the main muscle of the upper forearm, the flexor brachii, also plays a role in the flexion of the arm, and the flexor brachii can be strengthened through the side curl of the tensioner.

100% Brand new & High quality.

TPE material is comfortable, highly elastic, and durable.

The 8-shaped chest-expanding tension rope can be used to train muscles of all parts of the body with various postures of yoga, and men can also be used to exercise muscles, which has a wide range of uses.

The sponge is thickened during the course, which increases comfort and gives you a better experience.

Four colors, new black, welcome to buy.


Reference method:

1: Grasp the handles on both ends of the tensioner with your two hands. Separate your legs and shoulder-width apart. The tensioner is parallel to the chest and a distance from the chest. The arms are slowly and forcefully stretched to both sides in a steady motion until Fully extend the arm, pause for a while and slowly relax the arm to restore the tensioner to its original shape. The whole process should try not to be close to the chest to avoid chest pinching. This exercise method can exercise the chest muscles, biceps, and shoulder muscles well. 

2: Put the tensioner on the back and grab both sides of the tensioner with two hands. Separate your legs. Slowly pull the tensioner until the arm reaches the limit, then slowly release. Repeat this many times. Mainly exercise the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulder and arm muscles. 

3: Separate the legs, hold the two ends of the tensioner in front of the chest (behind) with two hands, stretch both sides to the limit of the arm in the upper and lower directions respectively, slowly let go, repeat the exercises Can exercise the pectoral muscles (Latissimus dorsi) well. 

4: Step on one end of the tensioner under the foot to fix it, and place the other end in one hand with the palm of the hand facing upwards, keep the other place still, and stretch the arm upward to exercise arm strength and wrist strength. Or stretch the tensioner and keep it in a stretched state, place the other hand under the wrist of the hand that is pulling the tensioner, and let the hand that pulls the tensioner stretch the tensioner with force, pay attention to other places not moving, only the hand is on the wrist Pull up and down to exercise the wrist. 

5: Tie the two ends of the tensioner to the two feet, and pull the two legs to each side to the limit. Repeated practice in this way can exercise the leg muscles. 

6: Find two tensioners and fix one end at a high place to sag naturally, hold the other end with both hands and place them on both sides of the body. Bend the waist forcefully, and straighten it gently. You can exercise waist strength and muscle.


Product Name: Yoga 8 Word Chest Expander

Material: TPE

Size:11cm x 40cm / 4.33" x 15.75"

Type: Body Building Fitness Equipment

Usage: Yoga Exercise, Exercise Muscle, Body Building, Comprehensive exercise

Features: Skid-resistant foot, Fitness, Slimming

Applicable Scenes: Fitness Equipment, Sports, Fitness Body

Color: Blue, Black, Purple, Pink

Fit: Arms, Back, Legs, and Hips, suitable for both strength training and muscle training.

Package Included:

1*8 Word Chest Expander Rope