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Front mounted bike child seat for kids

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Enjoy Riding With Your Kids In Nature and Outdoors  

Going off-road? Riding that epic single track? BRING YOUR KIDS! The Front mounted bike child seat puts your child up front and allows you to take them on your outdoor adventures! Positioned between your arms and with your coaching, your kid will quickly develop a sense of bike balance, learn to read the terrain, and adjust their riding position accordingly.

What makes the bike child seat different?

Shared experience: With your child in front of you rather than behind, they get to see the ride the same way you do with the same view and positioned safely. Bike child seats are securely mounted to the front of your bicycle for a reason; what parent wouldn't want to keep their arms wrapped around their child just a little more often?

bike seat for kids

Your child can place their hands on our Handlebar Combo and pretend like they are helping to steer! It also doubles as a nice place to rest their heads after a long ride.

This allows a child to experience the ride in a more natural way, while also offering the parent rider better balance, control, and safety while they ride.

front mounted bike child seat

Features & Benefits:

• Your child is now in front of you while you ride - They can experience the ride the way you do while safely in between the arms of a loved one.

 Easy to install And remove the seat when it's not needed - Our seat mounting system allows you to easily remove the toddlers bike seat when not in use, so you can ride solo. You can also quickly mount the bicycle seat again whenever you’re ready to bring your little passenger along.

• Our mounting bar system works with most adult bicycles - The mounting bar system attaches to the stem of most adult bikes. However, some bikes with odd shaped stems or drop (road style) handlebars will not work.

• Your steering and pedaling will not be affected. You can adjust the position of the seat so that it doesn’t impede the way you normally ride.

• Won't Damage Your Frame - front mounted bike child seat has full rubber protection for your alloy or carbon frame. Don't risk your expensive frame with low quality alternatives.

• Fits All Mountain Bikes - The toddlers bike seat is adjustable to fit flat or sloping top tubes. Note: Not suitable for e-bikes, road bikes, or older bicycles with cables on the top tube.

• Designed for children 2–5 and up to 48lbs.

How to install bike child seat

What’s in the Box:

front mounted bike child seat



Q1. Will The bike child seat Fit My Bike?

- The seat fits all mountain bikes. However it will not fit hybrid, road or electric bikes.

Q2. Will My Child Fit The Seat?

- The seat is designed for kids 2 -5 years of age, and up to 48lb or 22kg.

Q3. Is There An Installation Tool For This Product? Can The Tightness Of The Seat Be Adjusted?

- Yes, the seat came with full set of tools, and there are two large nuts on both sides of the bottom of the seat, which can be tightened or loosened with tools to achieve the most suitable match.