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(New formula) Enhanced Performance

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Dr. OZ

Numerous physicians recommend black essence maca as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and increase penis size, the #1 cause of women's dissatisfaction in marriages and relationships.

As doctors, we recommend BLACK ESSENCE MACA to men who want to enlarge their penis and/or have erectile problems.

BLACK ESSENCE MACA doesn't involve any of the risks associated with surgery, yet its effects in lengthening and delaying ejaculation are very satisfactory.

More and more,it is the wives or girlfriends who are coming in for consultations with me​​because they are not satisfied with their sex life but do not want to change their husbands. I then recommend LIBOMAX and it is not uncommon for them to return with their husbands to thank me.

BLACK ESSENCE MACA increases the size of the penis by 5.08 to 8.89 cm on average and I have personally seen how successful it has been on my patients, they are both confident and more fulfilled.

There are no unwanted side effects!

All you get is exactly what you wants... and what she needs!


  • Last longer in bed with a penis that throbs like it did when you were 18… and be the man you know you can be!
  • Explode with power and energy by increasing the bloodflow to your penis safely and effectively, creating rock hard erections that please your woman (or women).
  • Ignite her primal passion and get her to start worshipping you the way you deserve.
Let’s hear the evaluation of men who have used Black Essence Maca:

47 years old / 52 years old - from Portland

We have been a couple for 3 years and live in Portland.

Our sex life came to a standstill a little more than a year ago and we were aware that our relationship wouldn`'t last long if it continued like this. So we looked for solutions.

My penis was 10cm″ long and I ejaculated within a 3 minutes. I consulted a sexologist, went to the gym, took off the counter pills... even tried a pump I saw somewhere.. Nothinig helped.

Finally, a friend recommended I tried these pills he have been taken for a while. I researched the web and found amaing testimonials showing with impressive before and after photos. Men said they saved their relationship using BLACK ESSENCE MACA. I always had a hard time believing in this kind of publicity, but this time we decided to try it, I didn't have much to lose.

It arrived 2 days later in a discreet package that my girlfriend didn't notice.

I followed the simple instructions, 2 pill in the morning every day and after 2 weeks I was surprised of my colossal new size and energy...

My Girlfriend also took noticed when I fucked her.. it turns out she wasn’t tired of sex... she just wanted a huge hard rock cock to worship and get off with.

Now, she can’t get enough of it.

Bradley S. / Oregon
I've been using BLACK ESSENCE MACA for three months now. By the end of the second month, my penis had grown 5.85cm″. It now measures 21.8cm″ long and I can make love for half an hour without ejaculating..

Oliver B. / Nevada
I've been taking BLACK ESSENCE MACA for a month now. It was a doctor who recommended it to me because I had a complex about the size of my penis. My penis has already grown several centimetres, but it is especially much thicker and my erections much harder. I have definitely forgotten my complexes!

She wakes me up with a blowjob almost every day, and begs me to fuck her!

So my results since I started taking BLACK ESSENCE MACA, my penis is 6.6cm″ longer and also much thicker. Now I can last 1 hour straight without coming and I can finally satisfy my girlfriend. It's been only a month and a half since I started the cure but I still have the same size and stamina...

Dominic L. / Minnesota

I ordered BLACK ESSENCE MACA on their website and 3 days later, I received my capsules at the office. The package went completely unnoticed, my colleagues didn't suspect anything. I followed the cure for 6 months, which I finished 3 months ago; now, the results are impressive and lasting!

Philip T. / Utah
I really don't regret having tried BLACK ESSENCE MACA, my wife is very happy with the result and our sexual relations last 3 times longer. Our relationship is much more fulfilled and I have found a new confidence in myself.

I have just finished my 3rd bottle. I won't hesitate to order more once my 6 bottles are used, but they say that the effects are lasting even after stopping the cure, so I will come back to tell you if it's true

I was a shy and withdrawn person, still a virgin at 21 years old. I am not handsome and the girls didn't even look at me, so I never dared to approach one. Since I have been taking BLACK ESSENCE MACA, my life has completely changed.

I realised that the appearance was not so important. All that matters is size. In just 1 month, I got the first results. At the end of three months, my penis had become enormous. And it didn't go unnoticed! I didn't think girls noticed these things, in the end I realised that's all they ever think about!

It all started when I was able to spend an incredible night with a girl from my English course. Then everything snow-balled. Just as men talk about their relationships, women also talk about their sexual experiences to each other. Then all the girls from my college began to fantasise about the size of my penis. Now I have unforgettable nights. If someone had told me that a few months ago, I would have never believed it...

Impotence is a particularly refractory disease in male dysfunction, which involves the nerve organs of the gonads. Studies show that the majority of men over the age of 40 have had experiences with erectile dysfunction, and a shocking 80% of all men are unhappy with their size. BLACK ESSENCE MACA will supply men’s various body functions uninterruptedly for 24 hours. BLACK ESSENCE MACA supplies all aspects of male sexual organs with “energy substances” to make them continuously vigorous. At the same time, it effectively activates and repairs damaged cells in the cavernous body, increases excitement, strengthens vitality, allows organs to grow and develop, and improve dysfunction and prostatitis Make men’s intercourse time 10 times longer!

US Male Reproductive Health Agency 2021 new formula,Derived from the super-grade aphrodisiac plant Maca formula, pure plant extract, no side effects, has the magical effect of improving libido and sexual ability, and stimulating sexual vitality. It is rated as “the best aphrodisiac product of this century by US and EU ” Its chemical composition can make the human body energetic and full of libido without increasing the burden on nerves, muscles and heart, so that sexual performance can reach the best state. It can effectively prolong the time of sex life and improve the quality of sex life. Let both parties reach sexual climax at the same time and enjoy perfect sex life.

  • The main therapeutic functions of US BLACK ESSENCE MACA: Nourish kidney and strengthen body, erectile dysfunction,short sex time for male, low quality sex life, fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, vertigo deafness, impotence,prostatitis.Premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, short penis, sore waist and knees, weakness in limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, weakness and night sweats, frequent nocturia, prostatitis and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.
  • Original From special top aphrodisiac plant Maca formula, can increase male capacity.
  • This male enhancement pills have the magical effect of stimulating sex vitality,was named the best male enhancement product around the World.
  • Ingredient extracted from this plant can be with the great performance,This male performance pills also have the same function similar to Vagara, to help erection.
  • Its chemical composition can users’ male sex ability to achhieve the best state without increasing nerve, muscle and heart burden of human energy.


BLACK ESSENCE MACA is a completely vegetarian process that removes starch from maca to yield a more concentrated product.that no animal-derived ingredients are incorporated into this process.

This BLACK ESSENCE MACA is a blend maca, wild yam, Korean ginseng, licorice root, potency wood, oyster shell extracts. These herbal ingredients are the go-to ingredients for many herbalists for the last 5,000 years.

Principal component analysis:
Maca: Enhance blood circulation within the penis vessle, manufacture natural hormones,
expand the penis tissue, help improve the strength of men, blood circulatory system, maintain health and strengthen the penis erection size, quality, firmness and erection frequency.
Astragalus: used for yang weak, enhance immune function.
Huang Jing: Complement spirit, strengthen spleen, norish lungs, better for kidney.
Cartialgenous: Suppliment sprit and blood, bene-fit the essence, with strong bones, improve the body function, general weakness. It has best health care function for patients after a long illness.
Medlar: A famous Chinese medical tonic.

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